The story

Friar Vicente do Salvador

Bahian religious, historian and chronicler (1564-1636). Author of the first document of Brazilian historiography, History of Brazil.

Vicente Rodrigues Palha (1564-1636) is born in Matuim, near Salvador. He studies at the Jesuit College in Bahia and holds a degree in theology from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. He was ordained upon his return to Brazil around 1587. He held the positions of canon, vicar general and governor of the bishopric of Bahia, and later became Franciscan. Between 1603 and 1606 he is a missionary of a mission in Paraíba. He travels to Rio de Janeiro in 1607 and participates in the founding of the Santo Antônio Convent. Returns to Salvador in 1624. Imprisoned in All Saints Bay by the Dutch fleet, is soon released. In 1627 concludes History of Brazil, one of the great works of the seventeenth century, for the authenticity and fidelity of the account. The manuscript is found by historian Capistrano de Abreu at the National Library of Rio de Janeiro in 1881, two and a half centuries after writing. Published in 1888, wins the definitive edition in 1918. There are also references to the Chronicle of the Custody of Brazil, written in 1618, whose originals were lost. Dies in your hometown.