Economy of the Midwest Region of Brazil

Economy of the Midwest Region of Brazil

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Initially based on gold and diamond mines, it was replaced by extensive cattle ranching on large estates.

With the construction of major highways linking the Midwest with the other regions of the country and the navigability of rivers, the region began to provide products to supply industries, mainly in the southeast of the country and also for export.

In the Midwest, commercial agriculture is practiced on a large scale, with emphasis on maize, rice, beans, coffee, cotton, wheat and soybeans, which is one of the region's main products.

Wheat harvest, highlight in the production of the Midwest Region

In cattle raising, the highlight is the raising of cattle, beef and milk, the breeding of horses and pigs.

Cattle breeding is the main activity of the Midwest Region

The Anápolis Agroindustrial District, in Goiás, the largest in the state, for offering total infrastructure, attracted several investments to the region. Small and large pharmaceutical industries, fertilizer industry, lumber industry, automobile industry and agricultural machinery are installed, among others.

Agroindustrial District of Anápolis (Goiás)

In the Urucum Massif, near Corumbá, in Mato Grosso do Sul, there is an iron ore and manganese ore mining activity, one of the largest in the world.

Panoramic photo of the Urucum Massif - highest point of Mato Grosso do Sul

Mining activity (iron and manganese) in Urucum Massif - Mato Grosso do Sul