The story

Werewolf - Legends and Myths

According to Legend, the Werewolf is a being that would be the result of a powerful prayer made on a Friday night, preferably Full Moon, in a donkey or horse stable or stall where the person rolls around as if he were. the animal, saying the prayer and is made as a pact with evil entities.

In some regions, the Werewolf transformation happens on a Friday night, always midnight at a crossroads, where by repeating the actions of a horse rolling on the ground, one transforms.

The Werewolf would be the fusion of the wolf with the man. Many stories are told about this being. In Brazil it is common in all states, especially in rural areas, where it is very common for people to say that they have seen it, which also becomes a mystery to those who see and hear the story. The Werewolf attacks animals and people to feed on blood and returns to human form only at dawn.